De dood of de gladiolen

Donderdag, 7 december 2017

Al heb ik geen rooie cent ...

Van vreemde jaren 80 muziek gesproken ... EIGHTIES FASHION BABY !

Cameo - word up

Devo - whip it

Teens react ...

Woensdag, 6 december 2017

If Halliday hadn't died ...

... We wouldn't have to miss things like this

Dinsdag, 24 oktober 2017

Als 't nu ne ki nen hypothetischen blogpost zoe zien

Toch e ki de fantastische teksten van 't hof bekieken, 'k liggen geweun krul a 'k et azo lezn. Deeste strofe van jaloes klienkt a zo:

Gift de groten nie af, miene kung-fu es krachtig
ie vliegt uit min mond, min metaforen zijn prachtig
ik spoare niemand, 4 joar of tachtig,
'k vinne were inspiratie van ui moedre is drachtig.
olà min foute, nu in we 't ol het
ze zit zie nie vul, z'es geweun vet
'kan der niet over zwiegen, kmoete were begunnen
nefenst ui moedr es Homer Simpson nen dunnen
De mate van aer rieme es Chinese mur
Moar da e kinderspel, vergeleken me aerne geur
ketels patjoelie kunnen de stank nie verdukken
een skande voor oes ras, we kunn ze nievers gebrukken
buiten miskien als kurk, in 't gat van ne vulkaan
maar kraters van die grotte kunnen in 't echt nie bestoan
t'zoe garantie nie lukken voor ze omoog te rolln ip den berg,
te zachte voor te duwen, zo'n glètse, joa tes erg

Donderdag, 19 oktober 2017

I'm just presuming this is no hypothetical title

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year really puts our petty daily lives in perspective:

In Ghent, there's a 'nose war' raging, and several boxes of sweets have been destroyed. This raw wildlife picture just makes my heart & soul bleed so much. This is the 'nose war' we should be talking about, and fighting. The Ghent Nose War is nothing compared to the last few big rhinos being hunted down.

Some more introverted music to deal with this: Willem Vermandere with La Belle Rosselle:

Woensdag, 18 oktober 2017

If this title weren't hypothetical ...

Ah, music is the greatest, no matter what Mohammed Ali says.

So dear reader -I'm just guessing probably just future me, though you never know who's lurking- here's some more tunes:

Got to know this through my amazing wife, even though she's had enough of him: the Irish James Vincent McMorrow with breaking hearts:

Some punky-pop, the kind that's really nice Flyleaf with Fire, Fire:

Dinsdag, 17 oktober 2017

If this weren't a hypothetical title ...

... I'd totally be back. But I'm not. I've just switched to a phone without a pen, so my cartoons are now on paper. It's not like they're that good anyway... Who knows what the future holds!

It definitely looks like I'm still alive though, how cool is that!

Oh, and here's some embedded music that probably won't play anymore by the time you're reading this:
This lately gives me the chills somehow: Eddy de Pretto - Fête de trop

Just a soft cover of an old classic: Carla Bruni - Miss You

The fantastic belgian band School Is Cool with their new catchy single Run Run Run

And because the elections are upon us, this singalong that hilariously mocks the flemish vision on elections from the flemish 't Hof Van Commerce: Jaloes

How alien some french music sometimes sounds, Love the song, but the clip is at least a little bizarre ... Calypso Valois with apprivoisé. The song starts around 1:15 if you want to skip the intro.

Now that we're onto the aliens, Oscar And The Wolf definitely fall in this category, here's their latest single Breathing:

And because I seem to be listening a lot to Fleetwood Mac lately, here's Everywhere: